Tandem Bars are heart healthy snacks that are one of the best soluble fiber foods that can help reduce cholesterol naturally

Tandem Bars: Nature and Science Working In Tandem®

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Tandem Bars Help Reduce Cholesterol, Promote Gut Health and Relieve Constipation

For Nutrition Professionals

Heart-Check Certified By The American Heart Association

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Made From Organic Whole Grains, Fruits, Nuts, Seeds and Honey

With The Prebiotic Power of Psyllium Husk and Chicory Root

Nutrition and Ingredients

America, We Have A Problem

My Cholesterol Was Too High...

Instead of going on statins, I cut back on fatty foods and ate a high Soluble Fiber breakfast every morning. In three months I reduced my Cholesterol by 21% and my LDL by 33%!

-Tony DiStefano, Co-Founder, Tandem Natural Foods

"In a sea of unhealthy products, it's wonderful to see a snack option that takes into account feeding our gut microbes. Personally, I like them a lot. Congratultions and good luck!"

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"I've changed my diet quite a bit this year and they fit in perfectly with my new plant based focus. I travel a lot and I always have them with me." 

Rose R. New Jersey

“I love Tandem Bars! I’m usually starved after I work out. They're easy to keep in my bag, purse or car glovebox, so I can refuel before lunch."

Susan B. California

"I was a little skeptical about these before I received them not knowing  how they would taste. My first bite I was blown away!!! They taste awesome!  Definitely need to eat them with lots of water as per your note. Good job!"



-Judy B. Tennessee

“I would like to order another 24 pack of Tandem Bars. They are very tasty and have been great for my digestion and regularity. Thanks for your wonderful product."

Jim S. California

"I used to make smoothies to get the right nutrients, but Tandem Bars are so much more convenient. I keep them in my desk at work. I'm addicted!"


Annie H California

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