Tandem Bars For Gut Health

Research on the gut microbiome is early in its development, but the importance of these intestinal bacteria (and other microorganisms) on human health, and their dependence on our diet are already established.  A healthy gut microbiome produces beneficial metabolites and flourishes when our diet is rich in fiber.  A healthy microbiome is associated with reduction in inflammation, improvements in the immune system and metabolism, potential for weight loss, and a host of other health benefits. 

The microbiome and fiber consumption are not fads - as their importance becomes more studied, the details of their benefits will become more clear.  In the meantime, it is a simple, safe and inexpensive process to add more fiber to our diet. 

To that end, I recommend Tandem Bars - which are quite tasty - as one method to enhance your gut microbiome.

Jeffrey D. Dieden, MD