Nature's Remedy For Constipation

"I would like to order another 24 pack of Tandem Bars. They are very tasty and have been great for my digestion and regularity. Thanks for your wonderful product!" - Jim S. California  

Constipation is a big and sometimes confusing problem. More than 40 million Americans struggle with irregularity and the number is growing each year.

Tandem’s co-founders worked with a team of experts in the fields of food science, nutrition and product development to perfect the recipe for Toasted Honey Almond Tandem Bars. Tandem Bars were formulated to include the right types of dietary fiber to relieve constipation, promote heart health and promote a healthy microbiome. Tandem customers note that they feel less bloated and more regular after a few days of regular use. We think of them as providing a digestive tune up of sorts.

America, We Have a Problem

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Part of the confusion comes from myths and misinformation about dietary fiber and the role it can play in relieving irregularity. Everybody knows that dietary fiber can help relieve constipation, but not everybody knows which types of fiber work...and which don’t. Simply put, not all dietary fiber is created equal. 

In a review of studies published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the authors set about clearing up some of this confusion. 

They note that: “There remains much misinformation in the literature about the physical effects of fiber in the gut.”

They reviewed a number of well-controlled clinical studies in order to identify which types of dietary fiber were beneficial with respect to:

  1. Cholesterol Reduction
  2. Glycemic Control
  3. Laxative Effects

We'll focus on that last one in this post. The authors identified the two ways in which certain types of dietary fiber can relieve constipation. Irregularity is caused by inadequate water content in solid waste and both mechanisms help increase its water content.

1. Large, coarse insoluble fiber particles can mechanically irritate and stimulate the mucous layer that lines the large intestine to stimulate water secretion to help facilitate regular stool formation. This is the type of fiber that we often think of when we hear the term “roughage”. It works by “roughing up” the mucous layer. The fiber must also remain relatively intact throughout the large bowel. Some types of dietary fiber ferment in the gut. Insoluble fiber must resist fermentation to be effective in aiding regularity. Whole grains, legumes and vegetables are good sources of this fiber.

2. Soluble gel-forming fiber that retains a high-water holding capacity that resists dehydration can exert a regularity benefit or laxative effect too, provided that it doesn’t ferment in the gut. Interestingly, according to the authors, these types of soluble fiber can both soften hard stool and firm up loose stools in diarrhea. Psyllium seed husk (i.e. the fiber that surrounds the seeds of the psyllium plant), rolled oats and barley are good sources of soluble fiber that meet these requirements.

Tandem Bars for a “Digestive Tune Up”

Tandem Bars are packed with soluble fiber, insoluble fiber and prebiotics from psyllium seed husk, whole oats, dates, honey, almonds, chia seeds and chicory root flour. They’re made with whole grains, fruits, nuts and seeds and are organic, gluten-free and plant-based and have 11 grams of dietary fiber.

Each Toasted Honey Almond Tandem Bar provides 11 grams of dietary fiber (40% Daily Value based on a 2000 calorie diet) and 5 grams of protein (10% Daily Value) contributing to sustained energy levels and a sense of fullness which can contribute to a healthy weight. Sweetened naturally with dates, honey and orange juice, Toasted Honey Almond Tandem Bars have no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. They contain only 5 grams of added sugar and all of it comes from organic honey.

Toasted Honey Almond Tandem Bars are a smart snack choice, providing 230 calories of long lasting, whole food energy to bridge the gap between meals.

Ingredients: Organic Dates, Organic Rolled Oats, Organic Almonds, Organic Honey, Organic Orange Juice, Chicory Root Flour, Organic Psyllium Seed Husk, Organic Chia Seeds, Organic Canola Oil, Organic Cinnamon and Salt

Enjoy Tandem Bars with your favorite hot or cold beverage and start to improve your digestive health and delicious bite at a time!

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