About Us (And Our Tandem Bike)

Tandem Bars are a labor of love for us. Susan and I bought our tandem bike when we got engaged and still enjoy riding it together today. What we love about our tandem is that it combines our effort to deliver more power than you would ever expect. Tandem Bars do the same thing. They combine Soluble Fiber, Insoluble Fiber and Prebiotics to help improve heart health, digestive health and gut health.    

Want to Know The Story Behind Tandem? Watch Our 60 Second Video

 Susan is the entrepreneur in our family; she loves creating and cultivating new ideas. I'm a bit less creative but love solving problems. I started my career as an electrical engineer, got my MBA at Stanford and eventually became a tech CEO. After leaving tech behind I led a San Francisco nonprofit providing job skills training programs for low income youth.

After I reduced my LDL cholesterol by 33% by adopting a high soluble fiber/low saturated fat diet, Susan came up with the original recipe for Tandem Bars. We worked with a team of experts in the fields of food science, nutrition and product development to perfect the recipe for Toasted Honey Almond Tandem Bars and launched Tandem Natural Foods, Inc.

We both enjoy a very active lifestyle (like open water swims from Alcatraz and biking up Mt. Tamalpais and other Northern California peaks) and want to stay healthy and keep doing what we love. We founded Tandem Natural Foods on the premise that proper diet and nutrition are vital components of a healthy lifestyle.

-Susan and Tony


You can contact us at info@tandembars.com